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Managing Service Delivery
in Real Time

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Managing Service Delivery
in Real Time

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Managing Service Delivery
in Real Time

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What is Touchdown™

Touchdown™ is a cost-effective, real time management system for service delivery within buildings, a totally new collaborative solution to the problem of tracking job workflow across organisation boundaries.

The Touchdown™ system combines web systems, state-of-the-art smartphone applications, and NFC (Near Field Communications) contactless technology to build collaboration with tenants and service providers.

Touchdown™ is fully scalable – from single buildings to multi-site organisations, it is an independent, multi-lingual, multi-time zone global solution which can even work alongside existing legacy systems if required.

Improve service, increase speed and reduce costs!


How It Works

How to Get Started

Simple! Sign up, pay your subscription fee and wait for your NFC plaques to be delivered (next day free delivery*). When your plaques arrive, just mount one of them on a wall inside the reception or main lobby of each of your buildings, register the details of each building in our easy-to-use Touchdown™ application, and you’re ready to go! All our software runs entirely in a web browser, so there is no need to install anything.

You will need to get all your Service Providers to register on the Touchdown platform. It is entirely free and can be done with the Service Provider Registration Form. Free web-based Call Centre application is included and Service Providers need an NFC compatible smartphone and a free mobile app**.

Subscription fees start from just £49 monthly*** and depend on the number of sites in your portfolio.

* Guaranteed next-day free delivery within the United Kingdom except off-shore islands; for other territories or more details check our Delivery Options.
** Most modern phones are NFC compatible, for a comprehensive list check here. A free app is available at Google Play and App Store.
*** Based on standard subscription payment for one site. Discounts available for multiple sites.

Touchdown™ Web Applications


NFC plaques

Touchdown™ mobile application



The Touchdown™ solution is delivered in the form of a monthly subscription service. The base fee is just £39 per month and you must subscribe for at least one building for a further £10 per month. A discount will be applied depending on the number of buildings in your portfolio of up to 70% if you subscribe for 500 buildings.

Quickly check your price:
Number of buildings:
Monthly fee:

For more than 500 sites please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The Touchdown™ solution is very flexible – you can increase or decrease the number of buildings in your portfolio at any time, and you can also suspend your subscription – there are no hidden fees for switching, suspension or even cancellation of your subscription.

* Excluding VAT