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Touchdown™ System

£39 monthly fee + £10 per site per month
Discounts available if multiple sites subscribed.
For more than 500 sites contact us for a better deal.

Touchdown™ subscription consists of a fixed monthly fee and a payment depending on the number of building sites registered in the system. This subscription includes:
  • Access to Portfolio Manager and Site Managers web applications (for single or multiple sites)
  • NFC plaques (free delivery within the UK)
  • Site registration fees
  • Service Provider Call Centre web and Service Team mobile applications are free
Enter total number of sites required:
Touchdown™ fixed fee £39.00
Per-building fee 0 x £10.00 = £0.00

Current customers currently cannot buy new subscriptions, but you can view and switch your existing subscriptions

Touchdown™ NFC Plaque


Only for purchase for buildings already registered in the Touchdown™ system, or to replace plaques that have been damaged, destroyed or lost. Alternatively if you have two points of entry into the building and require a plaque at each location. If you need to expand your building portfolio, upgrade your subscription first and then the appropriate number of NFC plaques, one for each additional site, will be sent to you.


Touchdown™ NFC Plaque 0 x £18.00 = £0.00

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